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Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck ...

So Evans said no again, eh, Prongs?

The James Appreciation Society
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The James Appreciation Society
Because James, my friends, is NOT getting enough of the love.

do_me_james is the first ever LiveJournal fanclub for the one, the only (as he'll gladly tell you - over and over again) James Potter. James is the father of Harry Potter, who is (as you know, assuming you don't live under a rock) the star of the Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowling.

You don't necessarily have to want to "do" James to join, this is just a community for posting fic, fan art, and general squeeage about James. It is modded by pookizegreat and the_grim_wombat, and obviously there are a few rules.

1. The guidelines for posting fic go as follows:
| < b >Title:</ b >
| < b >Author:</ b >
| < b >Pairing(s):</ b >
| < b >Rating:</ b >
| < b >Summary:</ b >
< lj-cut text= "type something here" >
Fic goes here.
</ lj-cut >

2. No rudeness to other members.
3. You have to like James to join, obviously.
4. Er ... regularly do cartwheels in Pakistan.

So ... join, motherfuckers.

pookizegreat and the_grim_wombat, co-mods of messy-haired DOOM!!!1!11onehundredandelevenexclamationmark!!12!

Proud member of do_me_cliques.