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A Night Off From the War (R/S/J/L smutfic) May. 30th, 2014 @ 04:20 pm
Title: A Night Off From the War
Rating: Explicit
Relationships: James/Lily, Remus/Sirius, James/Lily/Remus/Sirius,
Characters: Lily, James, Remus, Sirius
Additional Tags: First War with Voldemort, Canon Compliant, Recreational Drug Use, Group Sex, Bi-Curiosity, First Time, Fellatio, Anal Fingering, Rimming, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Vaginal Sex, Friends With Benefits, Voyeurism, Explicit Consent, Friendship, Pregnant Sex
Summary: The war rages on. Lily and her friends need a break, and James has always been a little curious.... (June 1980)

Sirius sniffed his goblet. "Should you be experimenting with potions in your condition?"

"It's safe," she assured him. "I double-checked all the ingredients. I brewed it a little strong. This dose should give us a pleasant evening."

"I've heard this stuff can have ... interesting side effects," said Remus.

Lily could not hide a smile. "It can. But we're among friends here."

Sirius frowned suspiciously. "What side effects?"

"Euphoria elixir has a reputation for lowering inhibitions," Remus told him.

Sirius's eyebrows rose. "And we haven't tried it before now, why exactly?"

A History of Cartographers Oct. 27th, 2013 @ 12:21 am
Title: A History of Cartographers
Author: pica_scribit (complete fic archive)
Word Count: ~4800
Genre: Drama
Rating: T
Warnings: Character death, brief mentions of transphobia, internalised misogyny, and domestic violence
Timeline: 1958-1966
Characters: The young Marauders and their families
Pairings: Marauders' parents
Summary: Before there were the Marauders, there were four little boys from very different families, and eight parents, many of whom only survive between the lines of canon. Eight one-shots, eight points of view, 500-700 words apiece.
Disclaimer: Harry Potter characters and the Wizarding world are the sole property of J. K. Rowling. I own nothing except my own ideas, and make no profit. No copyright infringement is intended.
Note: This can either be seen as a stand-alone piece, or as a prequel to A Conspiracy of Cartographers.

It was a good life, Ellie Potter often told herself. She had a husband she loved dearly. They had a beautiful home in the village where he had grown up, surrounded by a lively garden to which Ellie devoted much of her time. Her husband's job, working as an Auror for the Ministry of Magic, was more dangerous than she would have liked, but these days there were not nearly as many Dark witches and wizards to contend with as there had been fifteen years before, when Ellie and Joe had been newlyweds. It was a peaceful life, and she was content.

The only thing missing was a child.

The early years of their marriage had been filled with a monthly round of hope followed by disappointment, but now, almost eighteen years later, she had resigned herself to childlessness. She was past forty now, and her husband nearly fifty. They never even talked about it anymore.

James x Remus Fans!!! Dec. 30th, 2012 @ 11:42 am
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A Conspiracy of Cartographers Aug. 14th, 2010 @ 03:42 pm
So I've been looking for a good James comm in which to post this story, and this appears to be the only one on LJ. How odd! I would have thought James would be more popular with the fandom. Anyway, this story (already well in progress) isn't exactly James-centric, but he appears as a major character with occasional POV chapters, so I thought y'all might be interested. Hope you like it!

Title: A Conspiracy of Cartographers, Year Two, Chapter Three
Author: pica_scribit (complete fic archive)
Word Count: ~15000 and counting
Genre: Drama, Coming-of-Age
Rating: PG-13
Timeline: Marauders' second year (1972-1973)
Characters: Sirius Black, Remus Lupin, James Potter, Peter Pettigrew, Lily Evans, Severus Snape and many more
Pairing(s): Remus/Sirius pre-slash, other pairings implied or mentioned
Synopsis: The story of a werewolf's bite that sealed the fate of four boys, and of the Wizarding world. Being a chronicle of the Hogwarts years of Mssrs Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot and Prongs.
Disclaimer: Harry Potter characters and the Wizarding world are the sole property of J. K. Rowling. I own nothing except my own ideas, and make no profit. No copyright infringement is intended. Please don't sue me.

This Chapter: James shows Sirius around Godric's Hollow, and Sirius is undone by kindness. (Sirius's PoV)
Author's Note: Apologies again for the lack of Remus in this chapter. This and the last were supposed to be a single chapter, but it ran too long. I promise puppy snuggles in Ch 4. Is it creepy that I made James sit and eat cakes on his own future gravesite?

"Have your family been here all that time?" Sirius asked as they wandered over to an empty patch of grass a couple of rows back from the Dumbledore stone and sat down to eat the rest of the slightly squashed cakes Bathilda Bagshot had given them.

"Yeah," said James comfortably, reclining on the grass with a cake and a contented sigh, one arm bent behind his head. "The Potters, at least. Mum's family come from the south originally."

Sirius stuffed the last cake into his mouth and regarded his friend, envying his sense of belonging. James was as much at ease here, among the graves of his ancestors, as he was in his own bedroom. Sirius's own parents had nothing like this to pass on to their sons. Everything they had to offer felt empty compared to it.

(Chapter Three: Brothers)

[Prologue I] [Prologue II]
Year One: [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] [10] [11] [12] [13] [14] [15] [16] [17] [18]
Year Two: [1] [2]
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RolePlaying Potter Nov. 11th, 2009 @ 09:25 pm

The Harry Potter Roleplaying Forum is looking for a JAMES POTTER(among other characters)! Hurry and join before you're too late! Come check it out!!
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» Ficlet: Epistulae Desiderantis
Title: Epistulae Desiderantis
Author: amethysth
Fandom: Harry Potter
Pairing: Lily/James
Rating: G? PG? One of those.
Words: 2103
Summary: Suddenly, his lips press against hers --so slowly, so delicately--and she tries to ignore the feeling that this is goodbye. 'James will come back,' she persuades herself. 'I just know he will.'
AN: The title is Latin for 'Letters of Longing.' This fic is based upon Ovid's Heroides I (a letter Penelope writes to Odysseus); written because it's Halloween and officially the anniversary of James and Lily's death. The 'fake cut' in this post leads to the entire fic in my journal (I was too lazy to format this thing twice). ^^;;

My Darling, James
James, My Love

Dear James,

She offers him the brightest and widest smile she can muster, and immediately his eyes fill with concern. He knows the gesture is halfhearted, that there are so many things she desires to scream at him at this very moment, but for reasons unknown to him, she forces the impulse away.

"I'll be fine," he starts to say, but Lily stops him.

"I believe in you."

Suddenly, his lips press against hers--so slowly, so delicately--and she tries to ignore the feeling that this is goodbye.

('James will come back,' she persuades herself. 'I just know he will.')
» Fic: Floccinaucinihilipilification (5/?)

Title: Floccinaucinihilipilification (5/?)
Pairing: James/Lily
Rating/Warning(s): M for Mild Sexual Situations and References, Strong Language and Mild Violence
Nope, not JKR, don't own ... anything? The plot, I suppose. Or some of it. *shrugs*
James and Lily are stuck together by an accidental spell combination, not able to go more than ten feet from each other. The only problem is that Lily still despises James. ...Right?
Author's Note:
Humor, Crack-ish elements, Romance... Beta'd by Medicine Man of Fiction Alley!
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I saw a really good James colorbar a few months ago, and I thought I had saved it. Typically, I didn't. Does anyone know of any good James colorbars floating around out there? Or just James graphics in general?

thanks for any help.
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